Monday, September 22, 2008

Gator Day at the Museum and More!

Today was the first Monday that Trinity and Kennedy (Adrienne's girls) accompanied us to the Museum. They hung out with Hannah, Sarah, and a group of toddlers for "Critter" class. The girls were very well behaved....the teacher even commented on it. The animal of the day was the gator...even though she also talked about other reptiles. The girls were able to see a one year old gator up close...but NO touching. I think the gator was more afraid of us! After Critter time, we ventured out into areas of the museum that we had not seen. The girls spent some time on one of the old train cars and pretended to be passengers. We then came across the African-American history old school house, church, plantation home, and a slave home. The girls were amazed! We spent alot of time in the church...Hannah and Kennedy took turns "preaching" from the pulpit. Trinity led worship service from the piano and Sarah sang from the choir stand. One of the other moms even came in because she could hear the girls from outside. She was very entertained! The girls have some knowledge of slavery. Hannah has an American Girl doll name Addy who is a slave who runs away with her mom to freedom. Hannah was able to point the similarities between the exhibit and the story of Addy. She still doesn't understand the "why" of slavery, but is showing interest in learning - and that's what's important! Today is Leonard's birthday. Unfortunately, we wont be able to do anything much to celebrate today. But I've planned an awesome Monday Night Football party for him next Monday...stay tuned! Tanashia

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tks mommy said...

Very nice. I am so proud of you. Thanks again for being an awesome "person."