Tuesday, September 2, 2008

1st Day of School

Unfortunately, the day started off on the wrong foot. We over slept and had 1 1/2 hours to eat breakfast, shower, and get Sarah to her very first dance Ballet class!! Excited! She truly enjoyed wearing her "big girl tights and leotard." She did absolutely well and her instructors noticed! Unfortunately, the class is a Mommy and Me class....and Mommy was not physically ready to be running around. But I pressed on for my baby girl and we can't wait until next week. Hannah had her first taste of homeschooling. She was very anxious because we were so rushed this morning...all my fault. But we worked it out and she enjoyed the time we had together and was very proud of herself for actually doing so well. I always knew it was there...just had to foster it. Tomorrow will hopefully be a better organized day. No extracurricular activities scheduled. Just have to get Hannah new ballet, jazz, and hip hop shoes for her dance classes that start on Thursday. And now I have to look into buying a guitar! Adrienne, I'm gone kill you. She sat in with a friend's guitar lesson and now proclaims that playing the guitar is what she should be doing! "Lord, send help!" - T. Bailey :) Shot out to out latest addition...Tiger! The girls absolutely adore him, thanks Julie!

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