Monday, September 22, 2008

Gator Day at the Museum and More!

Today was the first Monday that Trinity and Kennedy (Adrienne's girls) accompanied us to the Museum. They hung out with Hannah, Sarah, and a group of toddlers for "Critter" class. The girls were very well behaved....the teacher even commented on it. The animal of the day was the gator...even though she also talked about other reptiles. The girls were able to see a one year old gator up close...but NO touching. I think the gator was more afraid of us! After Critter time, we ventured out into areas of the museum that we had not seen. The girls spent some time on one of the old train cars and pretended to be passengers. We then came across the African-American history old school house, church, plantation home, and a slave home. The girls were amazed! We spent alot of time in the church...Hannah and Kennedy took turns "preaching" from the pulpit. Trinity led worship service from the piano and Sarah sang from the choir stand. One of the other moms even came in because she could hear the girls from outside. She was very entertained! The girls have some knowledge of slavery. Hannah has an American Girl doll name Addy who is a slave who runs away with her mom to freedom. Hannah was able to point the similarities between the exhibit and the story of Addy. She still doesn't understand the "why" of slavery, but is showing interest in learning - and that's what's important! Today is Leonard's birthday. Unfortunately, we wont be able to do anything much to celebrate today. But I've planned an awesome Monday Night Football party for him next Monday...stay tuned! Tanashia

Daddy, Happy Birthday....We love you!

Happy Birthday, Dad! You give me $10 for being my Dad. We love you! Thanks for everything you did for me. Hannah

Monday, September 15, 2008

Day # 10...

Day #10....and going well! Headed out to the Tallahassee Jr Museum for Sarah's "critter" class this morning. Hannah accompanied us because her homeschool group only meets once a month. The theme for the day was the fox! Hannah ran around with a group of toddlers as they learned about foxes. She took some really good pics too...see slide show on left hand side. We were able to see two foxes who were asleep in a tree. Afterwards, we walked around and observed other animals. The girls were really intrigued by the snakes...gross! The keepers had just placed baby mice in their cages for feedings. Waited around to watch them feed, but no takers. Maybe next week....Tanashia

Sunday, September 14, 2008

Happy Me!!! :)

Yes, today I turned 31! Blessed to see another birthday and be surrounded by great friends and family. We had an ice cream party at work....basically Baskin & Robins on L&D!. Sounded great...tasted comes the but...but, I am soooo lactose intolerant! Was feeling OK after scarfing down about four different flavours of ice cream with an assortment of toppings, but when I got home! Oh, my goodness...I was in soo much pain. Of course, Leonard laughed and asked me why did I do that to was sooo good! Needless to say, I didn't get to bed until 1200 and then arose at 1500 (3pm) to have dinner out with my family. Again, I will say that I am blessed. Blessed with a husband who loves and adores we...has spoiled me rotten per my sisters. He surprised me with 31 red and white roses (my favorites) and an amazing cake....he actually found one with a nurse on it! We enjoyed dinner at a Japanese Steak House with the girls...they love the Hibachi! Food was great, then off to work. I want to thank everyone who has made this b-day special for all our blessings in my life. Tanashia

Friday, September 12, 2008

Sept 12....Tee Tee Keshia's B-day

Thursday was our official first "sick day." Hannah was running a fever and just not herself. So, I took that time to work on my school work...Monday was the first week of the Fall semester. Kept her hydrated and medicated.....and like a champ....she woke up Friday back to her old self. She even made us breakfast...scrambled eggs and croissants. She did a fine job...haven't gotten the seasoning of the eggs down yet, but I wont complain. Shot out to Keshia....finally made it to your thirties...Happy Birthday! --Sorry, Ike ruined it for you :( Tanashia

Thursday, September 11, 2008

Wednesday: "Date Night"

Wednesdays are our low key days...nothing scheduled. But there is always a but...and that but came on Tuesday night when Leonard told me to be dressed to impress by 1730 (530p) Wed night for a surprise. My mind starts running.....I know my b-day is soon, but not on Wed! Now the stress is on...What am I going to wear? What am I going to do with my head? Who is going to watch the girls? Where are we going and are we going to be on time? Well, needless to say, I was dressed to impress at 1730 and Leonard Huff did not walk into the front door until 1830. He then tells me that we are taking the girls to Ms Tina's and we have to be "there" by 1930. So, like usual Huff style we are now rushing to drive across town to Ms Tina's and then be "there" in one hour! Whatever! Well, it was well worth it. It was a surprise date night orchestrated by my dear friend Tina - we love you! We saw Tyler Perry's "Marriage Counselor." Great show! Laughed alot, but cried alot too! The girls had a great time with Ms Tina and Leonard & I got some alone time. God is good...he has truly blessed us with amazing friends. Tanashia (the pic of the rainbow was taken on the way to Ms Tina's... Hannah said that it is God's promise never to flood the Earth again...she listening!!!)

Tuesday, September 9, 2008

Kid's Night at Los Compadres....every Tuesday

It's Tuesday....that means Mommy-and-me creative dance with Sarah at 11am. We had a good hour. She did have a little tantrum towards the end, but she just got ignored and quickly recovered. We then spent the next 2hrs at the Toyota dealership having our Sequoia serviced... don't even ask! By the time we got home we were all exhausted and laid down for a nap. We later met Leonard at Los Compadres for Kid's Night. It's our Tuesday ritual. The girls had their faces painted and today there were two clowns and he made them both cool balloon animals. The girls eat free and they get to run around with a clown while Leonard and I chit chat and sip on mix drinks...Life is great and we are blessed. Tanashia

Monday, September 8, 2008

The Native Americans

Today I learned about Native Americans. And I saw how they dressed and killed animals. They killed rabbits for their fur to make clothing. I played with a bow and arrow and shot a wasp. They used the bows and arrows to hunt for animals. We played dress up in Native American clothing. I wore a skirt made of fur and played with dolls. They killed animals to eat their meat and make clothing from their fur. The used the animals' bones as tools too. People from other places came to their country and decided to stay and live there. Native Americans made their homes out of straw grass and weeds, but then learned from the new people how to make them out of wood. The women spent alot of time making baskets. They weaved baskets and then took the fur off coconuts and placed it around the baskets. They used baskets to collect fruit and berries. I had a really good day. And today was my first day of Hip Hop dance. I had a good time and enjoyed my class. :) Hannah

The Tallahassee Museum...aka...The Jr Museum

Today was our first Monday at the Jr Museum. They have a "critter" program for toddlers every Monday morning and also a youth program for children who are home schooled. The weather was nice and Sarah was extremely excited. Yet, there is always a but! Yes, but Hannah was not so happy. She was anxious and scared about not knowing any of the kids there. I tried to reassure her that she would make friends and that she didn't know anyone her first day of kindergarten either. Critter time is Mommy-and-me. So, I spent an hour with Sarah and about 12 other toddlers and their She had a great time! The theme of the day was Black Bears. First they played on the playground briefly to socialize, then went into the learning center for different activity included making a stuffed bear. Lastly, we took the long hike thru the museum (it's outdoors for those who don't live in Tallahassee)to the Black Bears' den. There the instructor taught them about Black bears, read them a book, allowed them touch a sample of their fur, and examine an actual Bear's scull. Sarah & I strolled around the remainder of the museum until Hannah was finished with her class. Of course, she came out pouting and claimed she hated it; however, was able to share with Sarah & I alot about Native Americans....that was their group's theme. Now it's about 230pm and I have been awake for about 21, it's nap time before Hannah has dance class at 730pm. But I wont complain...Lord, I thank you for this time with babies. Tanashia

Sunday, September 7, 2008

Friday....Fun Day!

Today we took a break from school work and decided to have some girl time. The girls and I met up with some friends for breakfast at the Broken Egg to celebrate Tina's birthday....a three year and counting tradition. Sarah must have woken up on the wrong side of the bed because she wasn't so happy at breakfast. However, while we were getting ready to leave she declared that she wanted earrings like Leah's (my new baby niece). So, I phoned Leonard and he said it was ok and that he would meet at the mall. So, The girls, Tina, and I went to Claire's Boutique and allowed this sales woman to pierce my baby girls ears one at a time....what was she thinking? What was I thinking allowing her to do that? What happened to two people doing it at the same time for children? Am I the only one who has heard of that. So, of course after the first piercing, she screamed and promptly covered the other ear and yelled "Leave my ears alone!." The sales person then had the nerve to say that she couldn't do the other one if she wasn't going to sit, really? Therefore, I ended up putting her in a head lock and Leonard held down her arms and legs. In short, Sarah now has her ears pierced. Leonard and I always agreed that the girls could have their ears pierced when they asked....and she asked. She quickly became ecstatic when she saw her new earrings in the mirror and couldn't stop smiling the rest of day. We then spent the remainder of the day shopping and getting spa pedicures. I actually found a good fitting pair of jeans that were actually long enough! :) As for as homeschool...Leonard has been given the task of assisting Hannah complete her Friday work this weekend. Will that happen? It better! Tomorrow is our first day at The Florida Natural Science Museum homeschool program....bright and early at 930am...after working a 12hr night shift! I will press's all for my girls! Tanashia

Thursday, September 4, 2008

Happy Birthday to you....We love you, Tina!

Today was a very crazy day as well. I was awaken by "person" Adrienne at 800am with her two girls in tow. I explicitly remember telling her to call me before she left her house cause the girls and I tend to sleep in. Did she do that? Of course not. So, the plan for the day had already began to dwindle. We did enjoy there company and was able to observe each other's teaching styles. I also learned how to change the security settings on my Wi-fi so that Adrienne could use it for her I-phone.... whatever! School work was a little more tedious due to all of the distractions, but we pressed on. Hannah was overly ecstatic about starting her dance season...4th and counting. Today she had an hour of Ballet II and an hour of Jazz II. Her instructor commented that Hannah has definitely matured this summer and becoming a fine dancer! Hooray....all that money aint for nothin! We ended the day with a birthday dinner for one of my dearest friends, Ms Tina. She has truly been a blessing to both me, my girls, and my family as a whole. We love you, Tina. Hope you enjoyed your evening. Shot out to Trinity rocking on her guitar...sounding good.