Monday, September 8, 2008

The Tallahassee Museum...aka...The Jr Museum

Today was our first Monday at the Jr Museum. They have a "critter" program for toddlers every Monday morning and also a youth program for children who are home schooled. The weather was nice and Sarah was extremely excited. Yet, there is always a but! Yes, but Hannah was not so happy. She was anxious and scared about not knowing any of the kids there. I tried to reassure her that she would make friends and that she didn't know anyone her first day of kindergarten either. Critter time is Mommy-and-me. So, I spent an hour with Sarah and about 12 other toddlers and their She had a great time! The theme of the day was Black Bears. First they played on the playground briefly to socialize, then went into the learning center for different activity included making a stuffed bear. Lastly, we took the long hike thru the museum (it's outdoors for those who don't live in Tallahassee)to the Black Bears' den. There the instructor taught them about Black bears, read them a book, allowed them touch a sample of their fur, and examine an actual Bear's scull. Sarah & I strolled around the remainder of the museum until Hannah was finished with her class. Of course, she came out pouting and claimed she hated it; however, was able to share with Sarah & I alot about Native Americans....that was their group's theme. Now it's about 230pm and I have been awake for about 21, it's nap time before Hannah has dance class at 730pm. But I wont complain...Lord, I thank you for this time with babies. Tanashia

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