Wednesday, September 3, 2008

The Test Begins....of my faith that is!

Again, the girls and I slept in. Arose about 10am, but had nothing planned so it was nice and chilled. Enjoyed breakfast together. Hannah and Sarah fought over which type of cereal they wanted or even if they wanted milk. But who cares? I have chosen to pick my battles...and that is not one of therm. We then enjoyed a nice dance to some praise & worship music from Christian Heritage's latest CD! Love it! Leonard & I recently read in a magazine about how a father chose to educate his young daughter on the responsibilities of money. Well, the child is given four jars. One is for spending, one for saving, one for tithes, and lastly one for charity. The child has to place 10% of her earning into the tithes jar first. Then she may disperse the other monies as she chooses as long as she places some in each jar. So, we implemented this concept this morning. Hannah has the opportunity to earn $5 (20 quarters) a week based on assigned chores. Let's just's not looking so hot! Sarah, on the other hand, is all about collecting coins for her jar! She surprises me daily with all her knowledge that I did not know of. We began are grand scheme of organization and getting the office/classroom together. And tomorrow Hannah begins her next season of dance...hip hop jrs, ballet II, & jazz II. Instructor already asking about her joining the company. Don't know about all that...don't know if I'm ready for all that. Another shot out to my Dear friend Genny....enjoy baby Emma!

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