Tuesday, April 7, 2009

"I don't like Tee Tee Nashia!"

Adria LaToya Cowell...that's what they call her. The middle child of my baby sister. Merely six months older than Sarah, but VERY different.

Well she has been with the TLH Huffs for the past few weeks so that Toya can get some rest with her new baby (DJ). Adria has spent some time with us on more than one occasion. And each time I swear it is the last. Yet, somehow I forget that. I think, "she's older now...more mature...it's will be different...better!"

Maybe NOT!

Don't get me wrong. We love her to death and treat her like she is one of the TLH Huffs. Yet, she constantly reminds us that she is not. "My momma is Toya and my daddy is AJ!" She is very strong willed and wants what she wants when she wants it. When she gets angry she has the horrible habit of screaming bloody murder at the top of her lungs. So who does it now too....yes, my Sarah.

But this takes the cake....yesterday the girls and I met Leonard for lunch at Pizza Hut after a morning at the Jr. Museum. The place is busy because it's lunch time. Adria decides that she wants to pout and at the top of her lungs yell, "I don't like you" to me! "I don't like Tee Tee Nashia!"
Every head turns and everyone is watching and waiting to see my response. What to do?
Inhale...1.2.3...exhale...1.2.3. Thank the Lord, Leonard was there. He promptly handled the situation.
I can laugh about it now. I even took the time to snap a pic of her. She continues to remind me that she doesn't like me. Oh, well. I'm not her friend....I'm her Tee Tee Nashia!

Friday, April 3, 2009

Hannah's HomeSchool Update

I cannot believe that it is April already! Where has the time gone? The girls have been staying busy with all their activities....especially Hannah Banana! Her annual end of the year dance recital is approaching. We got a sneak peak at the costumes last week...very interesting. I am in love with her ballet one. She is in love with her jazz one. And we both are questioning the hip-hop one. Stay tuned for pics!

She has decided that she definitely wants to audition for the Company. Auditions are on the 19th! I think this audition will either "make or break" her dream of being a dancer. She is loosing interest. Leonard is willing to let her just stop. I was thinking, "what if Alicia Keys' mom just let her stop when she just got a little discouraged at 8yrs of age?" I only wish my mom was firm with me and didn't let me give up playing the piano or clarinet...I was actually pretty good...not to toot my own horn! ;)

She has actually become quite interested in science and health. Hmmmm....wonder where she gets that from? The Jr Museum has an exhibit on the history of health care in Florida. We both learned ALOT! I was quite pleased with all the information that they had about African-American midwives in Florida....a little passion of my own! Hannah has already began planning her own home births. She asked me why didn't I have my babies at home?!? For a moment I thought I was rearing a midwife, but she quickly shattered that for me. She has declared that she is going to Engineering School! She sooo didn't get that from me! :)

HomeSchooling has been pretty amazing and we are still enjoying it. We have been blessed to have friends that are enjoying the same journey. In February, Adrienne and I took the girls to FAMU's campus to visit the Black Archives. It was an amazing experience. I broke the rules and pulled out the camera. In all honesty, I didn't know that I couldn't take pictures. Yet, I got a few in before Adrienne pointed out the sign.

We are looking forward to the Spring's warm weather and new adventures! Shot out to Melody...thanks for the on-line resources!

Sarah's HomeSchool Update

It is finally Spring! The weather is warm and the girls are loving it. We had a setback this week with all the raining and flooding, but today the sun is shinning! Next Sunday is Easter and we have tons of crafts and reading planned for this upcoming week.

Sarah is no longer attending the "Critter Class" at the Jr Museum. Enrollment really picks up in the Spring and we missed out on a spot. Oh, well! We still have our membership and enjoy checking up on the animals and all the new exhibits.

At her last class, she learned all about turtles and rabbits. She really liked examining everything with the magnifying glass. At home we are still working on her phonics. She mastered letter recognition and has moved on to letter sounds. Hooray for Hooked on Phonics! She can easily start up the computer games all by herself and maneuver through them with little assistance.

Her greatest achievement is learning to spell her name....not just Sarah, but Sarah Huff! She is even trying to write it! Go, Sarah Frances! We are loving the chalkboard walk. She practice writing whenever she likes without killing a tree! It's all about being green. :)