Friday, April 3, 2009

Sarah's HomeSchool Update

It is finally Spring! The weather is warm and the girls are loving it. We had a setback this week with all the raining and flooding, but today the sun is shinning! Next Sunday is Easter and we have tons of crafts and reading planned for this upcoming week.

Sarah is no longer attending the "Critter Class" at the Jr Museum. Enrollment really picks up in the Spring and we missed out on a spot. Oh, well! We still have our membership and enjoy checking up on the animals and all the new exhibits.

At her last class, she learned all about turtles and rabbits. She really liked examining everything with the magnifying glass. At home we are still working on her phonics. She mastered letter recognition and has moved on to letter sounds. Hooray for Hooked on Phonics! She can easily start up the computer games all by herself and maneuver through them with little assistance.

Her greatest achievement is learning to spell her name....not just Sarah, but Sarah Huff! She is even trying to write it! Go, Sarah Frances! We are loving the chalkboard walk. She practice writing whenever she likes without killing a tree! It's all about being green. :)

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