Thursday, September 4, 2008

Happy Birthday to you....We love you, Tina!

Today was a very crazy day as well. I was awaken by "person" Adrienne at 800am with her two girls in tow. I explicitly remember telling her to call me before she left her house cause the girls and I tend to sleep in. Did she do that? Of course not. So, the plan for the day had already began to dwindle. We did enjoy there company and was able to observe each other's teaching styles. I also learned how to change the security settings on my Wi-fi so that Adrienne could use it for her I-phone.... whatever! School work was a little more tedious due to all of the distractions, but we pressed on. Hannah was overly ecstatic about starting her dance season...4th and counting. Today she had an hour of Ballet II and an hour of Jazz II. Her instructor commented that Hannah has definitely matured this summer and becoming a fine dancer! Hooray....all that money aint for nothin! We ended the day with a birthday dinner for one of my dearest friends, Ms Tina. She has truly been a blessing to both me, my girls, and my family as a whole. We love you, Tina. Hope you enjoyed your evening. Shot out to Trinity rocking on her guitar...sounding good.

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Anonymous said...

Oh, Nay Nay, you are doing so good with keeping your blog up!!

:-) I enjoy reading about your day!