Monday, October 6, 2008

Fall Has Come!

The past week has been very busy here. I worked 52 hrs! Needless to say, Hannah & I spent alot of time in the bed while doing school work. I'm not complaining about the extra hours worked. Twelve of those hours were spent making valuable memories...I had the pleasure of taking care of a dear friend and assisting her welcome her first child into the world...Jack, we've been waiting on you for a long time! Congrats to Cory & Andrew! Jack arrived early Wed morning (Oct 1) after a very l-o-n-g day. Cory, you rock! I am so excited for you guys.

The girls and I did not make it to the museum last Monday because we spent the day getting the house ready for Leonard's birthday party...Monday Night Football style. The guys seemed to have had a great time. Can't wait to plan the big 4-0 next year!

Well, today we are back on track and ready for a week full of learning, exploring, and playing. Hannah had her 2nd homeschool day at the museum...will let her tell you all about it. Sarah enjoyed critter class and learned all about spiders! The weather is cooler now. The girls spent about an hour at the playground before we headed back home so that I could finally sleep!


Anonymous said...
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tks mommy said...

So did you recover?

Genny said...

Hello Huffs! Looks like home school is coming along great! Hannah & Sarah are lucky to have such a fabulous mommy!