Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Hannah's Reward!

Hannah took her fist cumulative test today....and....she did well! She made a perfect score on the Reading, Phonics, & Comprehension. Her reading has greatly improved these past couple of weeks. I am soooo proud of her. More importantly, she is proud of herself. Her confidence is increasing and she is taking more pride in her work.

For those of you who know Hannah well...knows that she likes to be rewarded! And I had absolutely NO problem rewarding her for her accomplishment today. She wanted a spa mani & pedi. However, she was only able to have the pedi because she did not do as well on the math portion.

She continues to struggle with math, but making improvements. I think knowing that she will be rewarded nicely will encourage her to continue working hard. I know it is in her...her mother did receive the Trigonometry award her Jr year of high school! (Like that, Keshia?)

Today has been a great day! Seeing all of our hard work paying off has renewed my confidence in myself. I was beginning to doubt the decision that I made to homeschool, but the Lord continues to show me that it was the best. It was the best because it was the Lord who told me to do it! Lord, I thank you! Tanashia
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Julie Drude said...

Congrats to Hanna. It is not hard to succeed when you have such a wonderful Mommy!

Takeshia said...

WAY TO GO HANNAH!!! Keep up the good work.

Don't worry about math, like your mom said she did get an award in Trig (who does that?!).