Sunday, February 7, 2010

The Last 4wks

The last 4wks have been overflowing with love, family, and friends.....tears, pain, sleepless nights & days, leaking breast, diaper rashes, baby wearing, co-sleeping, & cloth diapering dilemmas. Mariah arrived on Jan 11th and the TLH Huffs have been on a new adventure ever since. Yes, she is my third baby, but I've never had to take care of a new baby AND three other kids as well. I self proclaimed myself as seasoned and turned down multiple offers of help from friends. I will now admit that I should have taken up some of those offers! However, I am VERY grateful for all the dinners that were so lovingly prepared for us theses past 4wks. Big Thanks to Alicia, Laura, Cory, Suzee, JoAnne, Maria, Paige, Nancy, Sybil, Sharon, Tina, Kitty, Allison, Kendra, & Gibbler. We truly appreciate you all thinking of us! All of the meals were fabulous!

Mariah continues to nurse well and is growing like a weed. My best guess is that she is a little over 9lbs now. She looks like a totally different baby to me. I can see a little of me, Leonard, & the girls in her. She loves her Baby K'tan sling. She spends alot of time in it daily....allows me to get some things done around the house & spend some time with Sarah. I must say that she really is a "good baby." Only fusses when diaper changes take a little too long & when she's hungry. Honestly, I cannot complain about either of my baby girls...all three were "good babies."

Sarah has been in love with her baby sister since she was born. She has started copying everything that I do with Maggie...she made a sling for her baby & even nurses her when she thinks no one is looking! I need to get some pics of those. It's absolutely adorable and I am overjoyed that she is picking up on Attachment Parenting. I know she will be a good Mommy one day.

So, the next 4wks....I have 8wks left in my maternity leave & I'm hoping to spend some time reorganizing the house, planning for Summer break, working on finishing up my BSN, and preparing for another year of HomeSchooling. That's right! Hannah has declared that she wants to go back to homeschooling in the Fall. I'm actually quite excited about it. I have missed having her home with us.


Darcel said...

She is such a doll! I am so excited for this baby to get here, but want to savor the pregnancy.

I love how your other girls are so fond of her. That is so sweet.

Anonymous said...

I can't believe it has already been 4 weeks! Love her big round belly in the bathtub. SO CUTE!