Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Banana is 9yrs old!

Hannah Banana turned 9yrs old yesterday! I cannot believe how fast these past 9yrs have gone by. When I hold Mariah & look into her little face, I can't help but to remember when Banana was that small. Her & Mariah are similar in some ways already...they both LOVE to nurse!

So, last night we enjoyed a "buffet" of Chinese, cake, & ice cream with the McCoy family at home. Hannah just could not decide on a restaurant. So, take out it was! She was blessed with some great gifts. Seems the Webkinz was the winner this year...she got three of them! She has really gotten into stuffed animals that become virtual pets on-line.

This past year has been quite full for Ms Hannah. She is still attending Imagine (a charter public school), but has already decided to stay home again next Fall! Dance continues to be her favorite after-school activity...Ballet II & Jazz II this year. She joined the school's chorus in the Fall and is still enjoying it. I'm looking forward to their Spring concert. Hopefully before the season is over, I can take her to a FSU women's basketball game. Want her to experience something new & perhaps she may want to play ;) She is already 5ft tall & growing!

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Tiffany said...

happy birthday to her! she is adorable. i can't believe a 9 yr old is almost as tall as i am. man, i'm short! lol.