Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Parenting with support....For My Leonard

February 2010: Love and partners: How has a co-parent supported your dedication to natural parenting — or not?

Support: to sustain (a person, the mind, spirits, courage, etc.) under trial or affliction

To say the least, Leonard has ALWAYS supported me.
He actually was the one who suggested an out-of-hospital birth, no vaccines, co-sleeping, breastfeeding, and cloth diapers with our first daughter, nine years ago. Unfortunately, at the time I was a little more skeptical. Why? 1. My friends weren't doing those things...I didn't want to seem "crazy." 2. I had allowed my nursing training to persuade my decisions. 3. It's just not what my Momma & sisters did either. So, my first two girls were born in a hospital attended by great CNMs. We did co-sleep & my 9 y/o just recently ventured to her own bed. And of course I breastfed my girls. Both self weaned...Hannah at 13mos & Sarah at 16mos.

So, what was different this time around? I embraced what I wanted to do & what I knew was the BEST for me, my baby, & my family. Not only did Leonard continue to support me, but I also had the support of a few good friends....and that made a big difference for me. I wasn't so "crazy" after all.

With all that said...Leonard, I thank you for:

  • Always supporting me & respecting my dreams
  • Encouraging me to follow my instincts
  • Reading all those Bradley & Hypnobirthing books
  • Listening to birthing affirmations with me & allowing me to enjoy my "Peace Sanctuary"
  • Attending prenatal appointments with me & participating
  • Preparing our home for the birth of our Baby Girl
  • Setting up my birth pool & making sure the water was warm enough! ;)
  • Attending a cloth diapering class with me
  • Allowing Layla to teach you how to use a Maya Sling & letting me take your pic! ;)
  • Telling me how strong I was & how much you believed in me
  • Loving our girls & family
  • Giving up your weekends so that I can be home with our girls all week
  • Sharing your knowledge with me & the girls daily
  • Accepting my pregnancy & postpartum hormonal roller coasters
  • Standing by my side through it all

Leonard, I love you!


Darcel said...

How sweet! These post are making me so teary today.
I also love seeing another woman of color who's family embraces a natural lifestyle.

Your pictures melted my heart. So beautiful!

Anonymous said...

Oh!! I just love the both of you. You both make me smile! :)


Anonymous said...

How beautiful - both your post and your family! I love coming across other natural parenting moms of color online.

Adrienne said...

aww, how sweet! See, he is all the MAN you'll ever need (inside joke)!

Elita said...

Wow, what an amazing husband you have there. And your hubby and kids are lucky to have a mom so dedicated to providing them with the best! Is there anything hotter than a dad wearing his baby? Love it!

Tiffany said...

how sweet! supportive hubbies rock!!

Anonymous said...

Very sweet Tanashia. I hope Leonard got a chance to read this. "Parenting with support" makes all the difference!