Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Sarah's HomeSchool Update!

Hannah isn't the only one learning at home this year. Yes, Sarah has been eager to read on her own! We conquered vowels a few months ago, but that has not quenched her thirst to read at all. So, Mommy invested in Hooked on Phonics Learn to Read for Pre-K.
I used Hooked on Phonics with Hannah in Kindergarten and loved how the program encourages reading in a fun way. Sarah quickly picked up how to play the computer games. She was a little bothered initially because she has never used my lap top before and was not familiar with the mouse. Yet, she quickly picked that up too! :)
She tackled the letters A - D. Honestly, she breezed through the letters A - D. She was extremely proud of herself and didn't want to stop "playing." Learning can truly be fun, exciting, and rewarding. It has been rewarding to me to watch my girls learn!
So, she will play the A-D games again tomorrow. And if she does well, will be rewarded with her first sticker on her reading chart!
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tks mommy said...

Way to go Sarah! Keep up the good work!

The Butterfly Catcher said...

You've gotta be a proud momma. . . what a bright little lady!! I'm using Hooked-on Phonics with my new readers as well, and they love it, too!!