Thursday, December 18, 2008

Hannah & Fall Dance

This week was Hannah's fall parent observation day at dance. This is her fourth season. She is taking Ballet II, Jazz II, and Hip-Hop. That's three hours every week and three different pairs of dance shoes to keep up with! She continues to look more and more like a dancer every season.

Unfortunately, she did not make the cast for Alice in Wonderland. However, she is not broken. "Mommy, not everyone can be in the show," she said. Her instructor and dance director did recommend that she audition for the company. Being a part of the company would allow her more practice and attention to grow. Also, she would have more opportunity to perform on stage.

She enjoys sharing what she learns with Sarah after class. Some days she's not so excited about going to class. So, I have to keep on her and remind her that you just can't just give have to work hard...hard work pays off every time! To keep her motivated, I am planning on taking her & Sarah to Atlanta in February for Hannah's birthday. The Alvin Ailey Company will be performing at the Fox Theater. I pray that seeing others like her dancing well will inspire her.

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