Wednesday, November 12, 2008

November HomeSchool Update

It's already November...time is flying. I cannot believe it has already been over 2 months since we started off on our homeschool adventure. The dining room remains our classroom for now... even though we have utilized the bed at times! :) The official classroom is still a work in progress. Leonard has installed the shelving in the closet to store ALL the books that we have accumulated. Thanks! Still in search for the "perfect" desk, but have tons of ideas...chalk board walls and magnetic walls and bright colors!
Hannah is still thriving and having fun. I think we have accepted the "unschool" method. The works gets done, but we aren't on a strict time schedule...tons of time to play and adventure out and just learn from life's daily lessons. Her reading improves daily. She started the homeschool book-it program and has set the goal of doing 15minutes of EXTRA reading five days a week! She is doing well with her dance as well. She is going to audition for "Alice in Wonderland" next Friday...say a prayer for her...she can be shy at times.
Sarah is approaching her third birthday (Dec 9th) and eager to learn! We are working on letter and number recognition and vowel sounds. She is doing well with colors, shapes, and puzzles! Her vocabulary is well above average and she surprises us daily with her new words.
Stay tuned,


tks mommy said...

great pics! The girls are learning so much from you. Keep up the good work!

Anonymous said...

Your family is beautiful. Your dining room looks like mines! LOL But, I had to take the charts down due to us preparing to move, but I look forward to having them up again once we are there. Hope to get to know you more. I'm on homeschoollounge. I just joined the group of AA moms who homeschool.