Monday, November 10, 2008

Happy Birthday, Kennedy!

Last week was a very busy week....on top of every day school and housework...there was the election, ACLS (Advance Cardiac Life Support) renewal, and Kennedy's 6th b-day!

Finally got the McCoy Family (Adrienne, Vince, & the girls) to come join us for dinner at Los Compadres. The girls enjoyed getting their faces painted...the men watched the election unravel...the women played around with our cameras and laughed over the silliest things.

Hannah & Sarah slept over with the McCoys because I had ACLS the next morning. Was a little sad that they were not home with us when we learned who our next "President elect" was. :( But Adrienne assured me that they watched and celebrated as well.

So, after many hours of ACLS, headed to Zoinks to celebrate Kennedy's 6th birthday. Girls, again, had a great time. I didn't have my camera. But wasn't worried because I knew Adrienne would have hers....thanks for the great pics of the girls!

After three hours of play at Zoinks and much begging and crying, I took the girls to Build-a-Bear for the first time. It's a tradition in the McCoy home that the Huffs somehow got involved in....wonder why? Hhhhmmmmm......ADRIENNE! Didn't realize that building a bear was such an ordeal. First you have to pick out the bear, then you have to stuff the bear, then you have to pick the heart and do a ceremonial dance to warm the heart, next you have to bathe the bear, followed by a trip to the "dressing room" where you pick out an outfit & accessories for the bear. Lastly, the bear must be named and a birth certificate is issued! A girl could go crazy in that store and cost her Mommy alot of money for a BEAR! So, Hannah named her bear Sierra and dressed her in a "Hannah Montana" outfit. Sarah chose a Koala and picked a pink parka jacket. Told them that they would have to earn the accessories! Tanashia

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vinadity98 said...

we knew we'd suck you in! Next trip, Sarah's birthday? Awwh yeah! LOL