Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Fall in North Florida

Fall in North Florida means the State Fair and the changing color of leaves...both a site to see!

Hannah Banana on the Carousel...nice weather out (no sleeves)

Sarafina riding solo for the first time!

We enjoyed a lovely fall night with the McCoy Family at the North Florida State Fair. The weather was great....not too cold and not warm. I did become a little frigid towards the end of the night; however, I stay cold. The girls, like always, enjoyed themselves. We all enjoyed GREAT food...Italian sausages, pulled pork, fried turkey legs, cotton candy, kettle corn, sweet tea (for only .75), soft pretzels, and funnel cake! Hannah played "chicken" this year and didn't ride as much as usual. Sarah would have rode everything if she was tall enough! Leonard rode with Trinity on the dare-devil rides! Vince isn't a "rider." Yet, he and Leonard did tackle the mechanical bull! LOL! Leonard got him by 1 second. Now that was a site to see! So grateful to be raising my girls with a great family like the McCoy Family! Stay tuned for more of our great explorations!
Before jetting off to the fair, the girls & I met with Paige at McClay Gardens for more pictures. The gardens are so beautiful this time of year. Here are a few pics that I took with my phone. Paige has posted some on her website...check'em out!

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tks mommy said...

God is in the blessing business! I know that God placed you and your family in my life for us to grow in Christian love together, overcome obstacles, and teach one another. I love you like a sister and your kids as if they were my own. I look forward to many more outings with you and your family.