Friday, July 9, 2010

His response to my NIP!

Wednesday I did a post on Nursing in Public (NIP) for the Carnival of Nursing in Public. Less than an hour after posting it, I received a phone call from Leonard. This a loose version of that conversation:
L - Tanashia!
T - Yes, Leonard
L - Tanashia!
T - Yes!
L - I cannot believe you said that?!?!
T - What?
L - I am NOT embarrassed by you nursing in public.
T - I didn't say that you were, Leonard
L - But that's what you insinuated!
T - No, I stated that it makes you uncomfortable. If you don't agree, then write a response and I will post it
L - Ummmm, no. I just wanted you to know

Shortly after this phone call I received this e-mail from him:

"Tanashia, it's not that I am embarrassed when you nurse in public, I am
concerned that your breast is exposed and someone might see it. I
understand that you are nursing our child but I just don't want people
to see your breasts as if you were walking around topless. Your breasts
are for me and the baby not everyone else."

I truly appreciate Leonard verbalizing how it makes him feel and why. We later discussed my NIP a little further. I stand corrected that I did not choose to use my sling or cover when I nursed in the theater this past weekend. I just did not think about it. My mind was on feeding my baby & making her happy.

I also truly appreciate Leonard for supporting and encouraging me. Without his support, I would have never been able to nurse our babies.

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Ali said...

Love me some Leonard Huff! How did he know so quickly you had posted? Does he get the ... if more women breastfeed in public it will normalize it... and maybe we could get our breast to not be viewed in a sexual way... thing? I'll have to ask him more about it next time I see him.