Tuesday, April 20, 2010

This Black Woman Breastfeeds!

I recently shared my breastfeeding story with Black Women Do Breastfeed. It's a new site that shares information and stories to encourage women to breastfeed. Unfortunately, recent studies have shown a decline in breastfeeding for all women despite its known benefits. Hopefully women will read these stories and be inspired.


Mackey said...

Kudos to you!!! I work as a Lactation counselor for the state and I have very few women of color in my patient load. It saddens me to think a Mom would deliberately shun all the God designed, organic best food for their children. And thanks for the info, I plan to heading on over there and doing the same. I breastfed all seven of my children and intend to do the same for my newest little one! Thanks for your work!!!

Ali said...

Great interview! I loved it

KMN said...

I just found your blog via BWDBF and I am glad that I did! I wish I could have breastfed but was unable to due to my difficult recovery after I had my daughter. But I tried my darnedest to!

Just want to say that your family is beautiful and continued luck with all that y'all do. I'll be back often


Anonymous said...

Great story and blog! I was lucky to enjoy a full year of breastfeeding with our third son, and weaned during the second year. And now, I'm hoping to enjoy another year of breastfeeding with our fourth son.
The nutritive value and bonding are immeasurable!

Becky (therrs.com)