Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Sarafina turns the big "4"

Yes, my little precious baby girl turned 4 years old! I cannot believe that it has already been four years. I further cannot believe that she will only be "Mommy's baby girl" for a few more weeks. Leonard & I realized that this needed to be special for her because her whole world is about to be rocked and turned up-side-down. So, she got an afternoon with Mommy & Daddy all by herself. She started the day opening gifts. It was suppose to be be a distraction while we hunted down a candle to place on her birthday breakfast doughnut. Needless to say, we never did find those candles.....and I buy a brand new box every bday for this same reason! Where do they go?

She was blessed with many great gifts. I have to say her hands down favorite is the Leapster that Ms Stacy & Eli got for her. She has never mentioned wanting one before. Yet, the child cannot put it down. And of course, there were NO AA batteries to be found in the house. We had to scramble because I had an early prenatal visit, but we had to stop to get those batteries on the way. At least now I have a gift idea for Christmas....a game for the Leapster.

After my prenatal visit...which went great by the way....the countdown is on, we met Daddy at the mall. Now the one thing she has been begging for is a new Build-a-bear. So, we took her to the workshop in the mall. She was in Heaven! Had to pull the reigns many times because Daddy doesn't know how to say "NO." She choose a very cute little puppy dog....a Portuguese Water dog that she happily named "Santa." Of course, she enjoyed the Build-a-bear rituals of bringing her puppy to life. This was all followed up by lunch at Ruby Tuesday's. She enjoys the mini burgers & grapes from salad bar. Daddy then had to head back to work.

Our day kept going from there. She wore her new dance dress & carried her new dance bag (thanks, Grandma Florene) to Ballet that evening. The day finally concluded with Pizza (another Sarah favorite), cake, & ice cream with the McCoy family back at home. As I tucked her in that night she smiled really wide and said, "Mommy, my birthday has come. That means Christmas is coming soon.....and then the BABY!" :)

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