Saturday, December 26, 2009

36wks.....Maternity Pictures

One thing that I didn't do with Hannah & Sarah that I was set on doing with this pregnancy was maternity pictures. I wanted to make sure I captured this moment in print because I'm pretty certain this will be my last pregnancy. One of my dearest friends, Cory, had maternity pictures taken last summer & I was blessed with the opportunity to be there with her. I fell in love with the photographer, Elizabeth Paige. She is amazing! She did our family pictures last Fall and they were amazing as well.
We ventured out to a farm in Midway, FL on December 17th. It was hi 40s to lo 50s that morning, but we were going to get them done because I was already 36wks. I am extremely grateful for Adrienne who helped me out with Ms Sarah Frances & she also had some great ideas...peaking around the barn! Paige even captured a few pics with Sarah.
So, I am 37+3 wks today and anxiously awaiting the arrival of our new baby girl. Today we are going to cast my belly! Another dear friend, Alicia, got me a belly casting kit and I have yet to pull out. Figure today is the day considering labor may come at time now!

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Anonymous said...

Love them! and your cast :) It's just around the corner.. savor your last days/weeks