Sunday, August 30, 2009

1st week down....

The first week of school....done! This past week took the TLH Huffs by storm. We were no way ready to be getting up at 0545 every single day. Hannah & Amari jumped out of bed the first day, but each day following became a chore.....for me of course. So, we are up at 0545 and out the house by 0620 to catch the bus by 0640. "Lord, send help" as my dear friend Tina would say. We are truly NOT morning people, but we shall press on.

Sarah cried ALL day Monday and ran around the house looking for her sister & brother. I was soooo tired after working all night that I just could not fester enough energy to entertain her. However, each day got better as we kept busy. She was truly excited to try on her very first pair of ballet slippers and tap shoes! I took her all by herself to Head Over Heals off Lake Ella. We are frequent patrons there as Hannah needs new dance shoes at least 2-3 times a season. However, this time was Sarah's turn! She is taking pre-primary ballet & tap on Wednesdays. The studio was over crowded with 3 & 4 yr olds, but we found our way to studio #2. She clutched to my leg as we stood in line to enter the class. We were both very pleased to find out her teacher would be Ms Robyn (she also taught Hannah & we know her well). Sarah then realized that she had to go in all by more "Mommy & Me." She broke down into tears & begged me to come with her, but Ms Robyn to the rescue. I stayed & watcher her on the tv. She did well & came out very excited!

Hannah's week was also very full. She started a new school & a her 5th season of dance at PACT. She is only taking Ballet II & Jazz II this season. Going to take it easy with all the new adjustments going on.

Amari survived his first week of school as a TLH Huff. No after school activities for him just yet. He hasn't decided what or if he wants to do anything. He's slowly easing from his shell daily & spending alot more time outside with Hannah and the other neighborhood kids. He loves his new roller skates that Grandma Florene sent him. We did hit a speed bump Thursday night when he refused to do his reading with his dad. I let Leonard handle it. I pray that he continues to adjust and thrives.

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