Monday, September 5, 2011

Labor Day & Birth Stories......

Today and all week local doula and blogger, Mother Rising, is asking Mammas to share our birth stories with each other "for our greater good." Of course, I couldn't pass up yet another opportunity to share Maggie's beautiful birth again! You can also read here why this L&D nurse chose a homebirth after two hospital births.

I have always said that reading other women's stories kept me inspired & encouraged during my pregnancy. Yet, my hope is that my daughters will read these same/similar stories one day and not be afraid of birth. So, to answer one of Lindsey's questions....What is my favorite moment? My favorite moment was when it was just me, Hannah, & Sarah (my daughters) alone in my bedroom awaiting our birthing dream team to arrive. They were the BEST doulas ever! And I remember thinking "this is how it's suppose to be."


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Lindsey Morrow said...

Wow, those pictures are beautiful! I loved seeing the progression, and knowing that you were right where you wanted to be. ♥