Monday, May 2, 2011

Band Together for Lupus

May is Lupus awareness month & this year's theme is "Band Together for Lupus." My fight with Lupus is a personal one. No, I do not have Lupus, but it has impacted me to my core. A day does not go by that I don't think of my mother's fight with Lupus that took her life too soon. She was only 47yrs old when she went home to be with our Lord after over a 15yr battle. I rejoice in that fact...the fact that she is home and free of pain. But I wont stop praying for a cure because it didn't find her in time. My family has been hit hard by this ugly disease. We've lost several family members and many more are still fighting today. I wear purple for my momma, my sisters, my daughters, my nieces & nephews, my cousins....for myself!!

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MermaidLilli said...

You look sooo beautiful in purple. ;) I think it's your smile.
Sorry that this terrible disease took your mama so soon. I know very little about it, although it was brought up on my Paleo Diet forum and what I read was that many people have had success or partial success changing to this diet. Like any strict diet, it is difficult, but after a while it becomes part of your life easily. Maybe this info can help? Here is a link to google so that you can read more about it. LOVE