Thursday, November 5, 2009

Cloth What?

Yes, cloth diapers! Everyone is asking "why?" My response, "why not?" True, I did not use cloth diapers with my first two girls, but after talking with a few friends and doing alot of research....."why not?" Initially, I was a little hesitant. My first thought was of those Gerber pre-folds and white vinyl covers that my Momma used with my baby sister. I remember dunking those things in the toilet....and the smell!

Pre-fold diaper with Snappi

However, cloth diapers have come a LONG way in the past few years. Sure, the pre-folds are still around, but say "good-bye" to the safety pin closure. The Snappi is a plastic stretchy closure that wont stick you or baby. The pre-fold diaper is still the most economical, but the quality is much better than before. And now those white vinyl covers have been replaced by cool assorted colors that close with snaps or velcro.

Thirsty Duo Covers with Pre-fold

FuzziBunz Pocket Diaper

Ultimately, the decision to use cloth was that it would be best for our pockets & best for the environment. If you know Leonard, you know that he is "Mr Green" and all about saving the environment. And if you know me, you know that I am all about spending money wisely and saving where I can. I spent a little over $200 for my initial stash and shouldn't HAVE to buy another diaper for at least 6mos....even longer if Baby Girl Huff is as petite as Ms Sarah. And I can give them away and that Mommy wont have to spend a $$$ on diapers!

FuzziBunz Pocket Diaper

My Beginning Stash + a few dozen pre-folds

There are tons of great resources on-line for choosing cloth diapers. But thank God, I have been blessed with someone locally who has helped me tremendously. Seeing something on-line and actually touching it & asking an expert about them makes it soooo much easier. Jen Starks at Ecological Babies ( has been a great resource. She encouraged me to buy a couple of different brands to fill them out first. So my beginning stash includes one FuzziBunz, 2 Bum Genius, 2 Gro Babies, and pre-folds with Thirsty Duo covers.

Gro-Baby System

Gro-Baby System comes in a alot more colors/patterns & snap closure. They are one of the newest diapers on the market. See how easy to use!

Bum Genius 3.0 One size diaper

The Bum Genius diaper is the most popular and seems very easy to use. My Dear friend, Genny has offered me a dozen of her baby girl's. I'm quite excited about adding them to my stash and for the low low $$$$$!

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