Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Where is my pickle?

Many of you have absolutely no idea what I am referring to. But I know that there are alot of you who do! OK. In short, my employer had all employees attend a customer service class a few years ago. The title of this class was "the pickle." We are encouraged to ALWAYS put the customer first and just give them the pickle.

So, I want to know where is my pickle? Every Friday afternoon after Hannah's dance class, the girls and I get "fast food." They take turns picking the place. Sarah always chooses Chick-fil-a. Hannah likes McDonald's. Well, last Friday it was Hannah's turn.

We ALWAYS order the same thing....a #1, large, with sweet tea...a chicken nugget happy meal, with Hi-C for a girl...and a might kids cheeseburger meal with a Sprite. I'm always polite and use my "please" and "thank-you." But I cannot remember the last time I was greeted with "Welcome to McDonald's. May I take your order?" or "you're welcome."

This lovely afternoon, the cashier told me that my total was $10.04. I said "I'm sorry but did you get the entire order" and then repeated it for him. His response, "Yeah, it's $10.04" (of course in a rude and condescending tone). I took a deep breath (as Hannah has taught me to do in times like these) and repeated the order once again.

***PAUSE*** Really quickly....a #1 lrg is about $6, a kids meal about $4, and a might meal about $5....Got me? ***RESUME***

"I said it's $10.04. Just drive around." So, I drove around and repeated the order AGAIN! "I got it. It's $10.04." Took another deep breath and handed him my debit card and then drove to the "pick up" window. She proceeded to hand me one happy meal, one mighty meal, and one large ice tea. Took another deep breath. "You need something else?" she asked. "My #1 value meal large, please." "Uh, you didn't order one. I gave you what you ordered and you didn't order no #1. I'm looking at it right here." (Imagine the rolling of the eyes and the neck) If it had been any other day, I probably would have taken her on. But it was a Friday and I was in desperate need of a nap before work.

So, I ask again....where is my pickle? Where has customer service gone in this country. Why can't I be greeted with a smile when I choose to spend my hard earned money at an establishment? Do employers really not care how their employees are treating customers? With ALL that said....the TLH Huffs will no longer patron McDonald's or any other establishment that does not feel like giving us a "pickle."

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